Come work with us!

If you are considering applying for a position in the SSC, we have two suggestions for you: First, review all of the links to the right to get an overview of the kinds of positions we have available. You may see more than one that interests you. Second, visit the SSC and have a look around. Or better yet, make an appointment to meet with a tutor or a conversation partner; or attend a PASS session an Exam Review Workshop, or an event. There is no better way to get a sense of what our staff does than to experience it firsthand.

Working at the SSC is a powerful opportunity to help others and to contribute to the Temple community. If you join our team, you’ll be constantly challenged, and you’ll know that your work matters to the students you help.

If you have questions about the positions or the processes/deadline for applying, please reach out to us.

Current openings and application deadlines:

Undergraduate positions:
Conversation Partners - application due Monday, December 7th.
PASS leaders - application due Monday, December 7th.

Graduate positions:
We are not currently accepting applications at this time.