PASS Leaders

PASS leaders design and facilitate weekly study sessions for select challenging courses. (See the bottom of this page for a full list of the courses with openings for PASS leaders.) PASS leaders prepare lesson plans for their study sessions focusing on creative ways to help students review lecture notes, study course content, work on practice problems, and discuss study skills. Leaders also attend the lecture for the course they are supporting, participate in trainings throughout the semester, and complete various administrative tasks such as tracking attendance and writing reports about sessions. The goal of PASS sessions is for students to study together in a collaborative environment - PASS leaders do not re-teach or lecture on course material.

PASS leaders earn $12/hour and typically work 7-10 hours per week including preparing lesson plans, running weekly sessions, attending course lectures, and attending mandatory trainings.

Who can apply:

All undergraduate students who have earned a grade of A- or higher in the selected course are eligible to apply to be PASS leaders. If you are currently enrolled in the course, you can apply for that course; hiring would be dependent of final course grade. We particularly welcome applicants who

  • have demonstrated experience in peer teaching, facilitation, tutoring and/or leadership
  • have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • can attend new leader training workshops at the beginning of the semester
  • can attend all lectures for the selected course

How to apply:

Submit the following materials (by email attachment) to Deirdre Kelleher:

  • Application form (You must be logged into your Temple email address to fill out and submit the form.)
  • Resume
  • Cover letter

In your cover letter, briefly tell us a little about you - what interests you in being a PASS leader; your experiences with peer teaching, facilitation, tutoring, and/or leadership; your academic interests; and your involvement in on-campus or off-campus organizations or activities.

Current openings and application deadlines:

We are not accepting applications at this time.

Fall 2020 - Course
Course Time

Coming in March 2020


Questions? Contact Deirdre Kelleher.