Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I meet with a Conversation Partner?

You can book up to 3 appointments a week, and once per day. All sessions will take place on Zoom.

You may also request to have a “standing appointment,” which would allow you to meet with the same Conversation Partner every week at the same time. Standing appointments work best for students who need sustained support and consistency over the course of the semester.

What should I bring to my Conversation Partners sessions?

You do not need to bring anything if you just want to chat. However, some students bring in discussion questions they’d like to talk about, or vocabulary and slang they have questions about. If you are practicing a presentation, we recommend bringing a digital or printed copy of your slides with you. If you’re looking for help with reading comprehension, test prep, or grammar exercises, it’s helpful to bring in the readings from class or the textbook you are using, if applicable.

How can I let my professor (or advisor) know I came for Conversation Partners? Do you have records of my previous Conversation Partners sessions?

We keep detailed reports on every Conversation Partners session. You can request a verification of your visit by notifying your Conversation Partner prior to beginning the session. Please note that we will also need the email address of your professor.

Can my friend(s) and I come to a Conversation Partners session together?

Yes, Conversation Partners can work with up to two students at a time. However, to have a group session, you must come by appointment; we cannot accommodate group sessions on a walk-in basis.

I am a Temple student, but I don’t take classes on Main Campus. Can I still get support?

Yes, please contact Liz Ursell to see if special arrangements can be made.

Can I bring writing assignments to my Conversation Partner?

No. Our Conversation Partners cannot provide feedback on writing assignments or make any kind of mark-ups on your papers. However, they can help you with reading comprehension related to course readings or assignments. They can also converse with you about the ideas/topics in your paper, and focus on particular grammar issues that you are concerned about.

Do you offer support for faculty (or post-doctoral fellows, or university staff members) who are language learners?

Please email Liz Ursell to see how we can best provide or refer you to support.

I’d like to become a Conversation Partner. How do I do that? I would like to volunteer with the Language Lounge, do you accept volunteers?

See our Employment page for more information about volunteer and paid positions in the Language Lounge.