Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly study meetings that provide students in select challenging courses with an opportunity to learn and explore course content in an interactive, small-group setting.

A typical PASS session is a 50 minute-long meeting in a classroom on campus during which a PASS leader guides the group in studying course material together. A session might include reviewing lecture notes and slides, completing worksheets, going over practice problems, group discussion of key concepts, preparing for an upcoming quiz or exam, and other collaborative activities. The goal of PASS sessions is for the leader and students to work together to study for class - the PASS leader will not re-teach or lecture on course material.

The PASS session leaders are undergraduate students who have previously succeeded in the course, and who have received training in lesson planning and facilitation methods. PASS leaders attend all lectures during the semester.

Spring 2020 PASS Sessions

We will offer at two PASS sessions per week for each of the following courses:

Complete schedule, including days, times and locations of the PASS sessions.

To attend a PASS session, student can simply show up at the designed time and place. No appointments or reservations are required. PASS sessions are open to all students enrolled in the courses listed here, regardless of the specific course section they are enrolled in.

Questions? Contact Deirdre Kelleher.