Exam Review Services

The STEM Learning Lab offers several modes of support for students who are in Chemistry and Math courses:

Interactive Online Study Studios

Study Studios give students an opportunity to prepare for upcoming assessments in an online study hall environment where they can work individualy, ask tutors questions, and work collaboratively with peers. The workshops are facilitated by a small group of tutors who can help answer questions about course concepts, and review questions. Students are encouraged to work through the practice tests and problems sets before the Study Studios, and to come prepared with questions.

For Spring 2021, we will be offering Study Studios for General Chemistry I & II (CHEM 1031 & 1032), and Calculus I & II (Math 1041 & 1042). Chemistry Study Studios will take place approximately one week before the due dates of unit assessment assignments. They are primarily designed to help students who are stuck on any of the modules that are pre-requisites to being eligible to take the unit assessments, or help students review the module content in preparation for the assessments. Calculus study studios will take place either one or two days before each of the exams. They are designed to help students as they work through the review packets that are given out by instructors prior to the exams.

See the Calendar for dates, times, and Zoom Room information for each Study Studio.

Practice Tests, Problems Sets and Videos

Exam review problem sets and practice tests are posted online. For some courses, we also offer videos of practice problems to help students study for exams.

Support Available
Chemistry 1031: General Chemistry I
  • Study Studios
Chemistry 1032: General Chemistry II
  • Study Studios
Math 1021: College Algebra
  • Problem sets
Math 1022: Precalculus
  • Videos
Math 1041: Calculus I
  • Study Studios
  • Problems sets
Math 1042: Calculus II
  • Study Studios
  • Problems sets
  • Videos

Study Studio Calendar of Events

Questions? Contact James Otwell.