Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use the STEM tutoring service?

You may schedule up to four 25-minute appointments per week, and up to two per day. (You can schedule two appointments back-to-back, and that will allow you to have a tutoring session that lasts 50 minutes. However, that will count as two sessions.) There is no limit to the number of 25-minute walk-in visits you can make.

What should I bring to my tutoring session?

A copy of the assignment, homework problems, or study-guide you are working on. Many students also bring their textbook and/or their notes from class.

How can I let my professor (or advisor) know I came for tutoring? Do you have records of my previous tutoring sessions?

Yes. We keep logs and detailed reports on every tutoring visit to our center. If you require verification that you visited the tutoring service, contacting James Otwell. (For faculty/administrators who wish to verify an individual student’s visits to the Center, please contact James Otwell.)

I am a Temple student, but I do not take classes on main Campus. Can I still get support?

Yes. We now offer video-chat online tutoring for many of the STEM courses that we cover. If you are a student at one of Temple's sattelite campuses or an online student, you are welcome to utilize our online tutoring service (more information about this can be found later in this page). Additionally, you are also welcome to use our in-person service on main Campus if you are able.

Do you offer group tutoring?

Tutoring sessions at the STEM Learning Lab are strictly offered on a one-on-one basis. However, if you want to work with a group of friends/classmates, you have several options. Your group can attend scheduled exam review presentations and workshops. Additionally, many STEM courses have a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Leader, and your group can attend those sessions together.

What are the differences between tutoring appointments and walk-in tutoring?

The primary difference is that booking an appointment guarantees your session time. If you make an appointment for tutoring, you’ll meet with a tutor at the specified time. If you come as a walk-in, the service is first-come, first served. Making an appointment also allows you to have a longer session, if you wish. You can make an appointment for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. Walk-in sessions are limited to 25 minutes. Finally, appointments also allow you to choose the tutor you would like to work with, if you prefer. For walk-in sessions, we will pair you with the first available tutor.

Can I choose which tutor I want to work with?

Yes, if you schedule your session by appointment you may select a specific tutor when they are available.

What if I want tutoring in a course that is not offered?

Contact us. Depending on the specific course you’re concerned about, we may have tutors on staff who can help you. If not, we may be able to refer you to other tutoring services on campus.

Do you offer online tutoring for STEM?

Yes. Video-chat online tutoring is available for students who are not able to make it to the center in- person at a time where tutoring is available. As its name implies, video-chat online tutoring allows students to talk over video calls and go over STEM concepts and problems with tutors.

How do I access online tutoring?

To access online tutoring, you must book an appointment with a tutor who is listed as available for online tutoring. You follow the same procedure for booking an in-person appointment, but look for a tutor who has the option "online & face-to-face" listed under their name. You will then have the option to book an online appointment instead of an in-person one. Afterwards, you must check your e-mail for more precise instructions on how to access online tutoring as it is offered through an external service. Alternatively, you can e-mail a request to set up online tutoring to

What do I need for an online tutoring appointment?

It is recommended that you have a computer, laptop, or tablet device that has a webcam and microphone feature. The service does allow for text-chat if this is not an option, but video-chat is preferable.

I used the "start or join online consultation" option on WC Online, but do not see my tutor. What should I do?

Unlike with Writing Tutoring, STEM Tutoring does not use the WC Online platform for video-chat online tutoring because it does not currently work as well for STEM instruction. If you booked an appointment, you should check your e-mail for detailed instructions about how to access your online appointment.

What should I bring to an exam review workshop?

Bring the practice test or sample problems, your textbook, pens/pencils, and any questions you have.

How can I let my professor (or advisor) know I attended an exam review workshop or presentation? Do you have records of who attends?

Yes. We keep logs and detailed reports of every exam review workshop and presentation hosted by the SSC. If you require verification that you attended, contact James Otwell. (For faculty/administrators who wish to verify an individual student’s attendance at an exam review, please contact James Otwell.)

I am interested in becoming a STEM tutor. How do I do that?

See our Employment page.