This section contains downloadable handouts, guides and tipsheets. You will also find links to other online resources for academic support.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online-learning website that offers courses, presentations, videos, practice problems for self-directed learning.

Khan Academy resources cover the following subject areas: Math through Calculus III, as well as Differential Equations with Linear Algebra; Intro to Biology I & II; General and Organic Chemistry I & II; Physics I & II; Statistics; Micro- and Macroeconomics; and test prep for the GMAT and MCAT exams. Students can review an entire subject, individual topics within a subject, and/or utilize a bank of practice problems. The sequence and pace of learning is entirely user controlled.

My Physics Lab Simulations
My physics lab is a free online resource that allows students to manipulate and run simulations found in common physics problems (such as blocks on a spring, pendulums, etc.). The simulations allow students to visualize how changing variables in problems would cause the situation to play out in real-life.

How do I create an account?

How do I schedule a writing tutoring appointment?

How do I schedule a STEM tutoring appointment?

How do I schedule a Conversation Partner appointment?

How do I attach a doc for a writing appointment?

Tips and Tricks for Scheduling Appointments


Location: 403 Alter Hall
Contact: Gwendolyn Bond 215-204-8110

Actuarial Science

Contact: Krupa Viswanathan 215-204-6183

Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) Bridges to Baccalaureate Program

Contact: Susan Jansen Varnum 215-204-4073 or 215-204-6390

Business Communications

Location: Business Communications Center, Speakman 106
Contact: Brooke Mead & Jack Garrett 215-204-5959

Engineering (Statics, Dynamics, & Mechanics of Solids)

Location: Engineering Building, Room 349
Contact: 215-204-7800


Location: 401 Alter Hall
Contact: Jon Scott 215-204-7605

FGIS (French, German, Italian, Slavic)

Location: Anderson Hall, Room 539
Contact: Stephanie Smith 215-204-1261

Intellectual Heritage

Location: IH Lounge 215 Anderson Hall
Contact: Jessie Iwata 215-204-5625

Notes: Drop-in tutoring is available for students taking Intellectual Heritage I and II. Undergraduate peer tutors are available to discuss the readings and work on essays. Please come prepared with your assignment, your notes, and your text. No appointment is necessary.


Location: 501 Alter Hall
Contact: Latosha Thomas 215-204-8111

Praxis Tests (Basic Skills Assessment Exams)

Location: College of Education, Shimada Resource Center, Ritter Annex 150
Contact: 215-204-8011,

Notes: Students who need to take BSA exams should request access to the online BSA workshop in Canvas, which includes information on PAPA and Praxis Core exams, along with prep materials and links. Request can be made by calling or emailing the contact above.

Risk Management and Insurance (RMI)

Location: 601 Alter Hall
Contact: Michelle Henry 215-204-2046


Location: Speakman 390G
Contact: Rebecca Anne Brotschul 215-204-3505

If your department offers a tutoring service that you would like to have included on this list, or if you have questions about the list, please contact Michael O’Connell.