Academic Coaching is a service that supports students in developing a broad range of skills that are important to achieving success, including time-management, organization, studying, and self-advocacy. It is a long-term strategy, and it is most effective when students work with a coach consistently, over time. Coaching appointments typically last about 25-30 minutes. During a typical session, students can expect to meet with a coach to discuss academic goals and challenges. Together, the student and coach will work together to develop, enact, and monitor a plan of action intended to help the student meet the academic goals discussed.

The coaching service is designed to support students at any point during their time at Temple. Students who use the service include those who are new to college and want help adjusting to new academic expectations, as well as those who are approaching upper-division courses in their majors and want to improve their study skills or build a more effective daily routine. Essentially, coaches are here to help students become more effective at meeting the academic expectations set before them.

The Academic Coaching service is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Temple who have demonstrated need.

How to access the service:

The Academic Coaching service is available by appointment only. If you are a student, and you want to find out whether Academic Coaching is right for you, complete this interest form. If you are an advisor or faculty member and would like to discuss a specific concern or situation, please email Please note that, for the Fall 2024 semester, Academic Coaching will begin during the week of September 3rd.


Questions? Contact Lorraine Savage.