Reading Support

The Student Success Center offers an opportunity for students to work on reading skills in a 1-on-1 session with a tutor. Reading strategies we used in high school, in our jobs, and recreationally may not always be best suited for the kinds — and quantities — of reading we are asked to do in our undergraduate and graduate courses at Temple. As with writing, developing strategic and effective reading skills is a lifelong process, and reading for one course or major may require a fairly distinct skill set from other courses or majors. Bring in an article or other text to your session, and together we can explore strategies tailored to your reading goals.    

Reading support is currently available for English, Spanish, and Korean. Native or advanced speakers of English are also welcome to make an appointment for English.

 The reading support service is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Temple. 



Make an appointment in advance

  • Log-in to our appointment system.
  • Use the "Show All 'Appointment Focus' Options" drop-down menu (middle) to indicate the appropriate focus for your session, and then select an available time slot. Look for "Reading Support" in the drop-down menu. Choose "Reading Support - English" for English, "Reading Support - Spanish" for Spanish, etc.
  • Appointments can be scheduled up to 8 days ahead of time.
  • We offer two appointment types: 2-block appointments (45-50 mins) and 1-block appointments (20-25 mins). In general, we recommend 2-block appointments when possible, but you can choose. All appointments must be booked in our appointment system at least 1 hour in advance.

What if the schedule is all booked up?

  •  Use the waiting list feature in our online schedule to get notified when we have an opening for a 45-50 min session.