“STEM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. The services we offer in the STEM Learning Lab primarily target students taking classes in the College of Science and Technology and the College of Engineering. But we also offer services for students in other departments that rely heavily on quantitative methods, including Economics, Psychology, and Neuroscience.

Our services are broadly shaped by the belief that developing knowledge in STEM disciplines requires regular, interactive engagement with STEM concepts and processes. One of the keys to succeeding in STEM courses is practice, and especially steady practice over time. We believe that if you have ten hours to spend preparing for a Chemistry test, you are far better off spending an hour a day for ten days than doing all ten hours at once.

We recognize that students come to Temple with different experience, backgrounds, and levels of comfort in STEM learning, but we believe that everyone has the potential to grow and develop as STEM scholars. We strive to provide differentiated support that is tailored to students needs.

See the links on the left for detailed descriptions of the services we offer. These services are open to all Temple University undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of college or degree program. All services are free of charge.

For general information about the STEM Learning Lab, contact James Otwell or Deirdre Kelleher.