The graduate positions in the SSC are designed to be an opportunity for graduate students to build on and extend the professional training they receive in their departments. The majority of graduate students who work in the SSC are third- or fourth-year students who have already had several years of funding in their departments. Most already have experience with classroom teaching, either as a TA or an instructor of record.

If you plan to pursue teaching positions in higher education, working in the SSC can be an opportunity to develop your teaching practices and teaching philosophy. Tutoring provides a unique vantage point on the educational process; you’ll see student learning in a way that isn’t always visible to classroom teachers. Also, you’ll participate in ongoing professional development programs that are designed to help you make the most of these experiences. The SSC administrators are committed to helping you translate these experiences into an effective job search.

Working is the SSC can also be an important way to prepare yourself (and your CV) for other professional pathways. If you are considering an “alt-ac” career, or a career in university administration, we can work with you to network, and to develop job documents that will support your search.

Please note: all graduate positions in the Student Success Center are considered Teaching Assistantships, and they carry stipends, tuition remission and benefits in accordance with the current TUGSA contract. However, this also means that the positions are only open to students enrolled in doctoral degree programs. At present, the SSC does not offer employment for students who are enrolled in masters programs.