The Student Success Center provide support for faculty who teach w-courses, and for departments that are developing proposals for new or continuing w-courses.

Pre-semester Workshops

Before the start of each semester, the Writing-Intensive Course Committee (WICC) sponsors faculty workshops in which we review the w-course guidelines, and discuss ways of meeting those guidelines in the context of specific courses. Faculty who are scheduled to teach a w-course in the upcoming semester will receive an announcement and an invitation to register for the workshop. Workshop dates will also be posted on this website, and any faculty member who wishes to attend is welcome.


Faculty and department chairs are invited to consult with us about questions related to proposing, staffing or teaching writing-intensive courses. Consultations are particularly recommended for departments that plan to develop new w-courses; for individual faculty members who are new to teaching in the w-course program at Temple; and for faculty who are interested in redesigning assignments for their w-courses.

To make an appointment for a consultation, contact Lori Salem.

Approved Syllabi/Feedback on Syllabi

Faculty who are assigned to teach a w-course may request a copy of the “approved syllabus” for their course. (Approved syllabi are the syllabi that were submitted to the WICC as part of the course approval/recertification process. Copies of all approved syllabi are kept on file in the Student Success Center.) To request an approved syllabus, email Lori Salem with the name and number of the w-course.

Faculty may choose to use the approved syllabus exactly as written, but they may also choose to change some aspects of the course. In those cases, however, faculty must ensure that all of the w-course guidelines are still met. Faculty who have revised the approved syllabus, are invited to send their syllabi for fast and confidential feedback. This feedback is informal, and it does not take the place of regularly-scheduled, formal reviews by the WICC; however, it may make the formal reviews go more smoothly. To request feedback on your syllabus, email your syllabus to Lori Salem.