Each semester, the Student Success Center hosts a series of writing and research retreats that provide participants with dedicated space and uninterrupted time to work on their projects. During the retreats, SSC staff ensure that distractions are minimized, and we work individually with participants to support goal setting and prioritizing.

The writing and research retreats are open to all Temple University graduate students but work best for those who have completed coursework. Temple University faculty who are working on projects are also welcome to attend. Graduate students and faculty from other universities may also participate in the retreats; however, the program fees are doubled for non-Temple affiliates.

The retreats are offered in several different formats, as described below.

  • Micro Retreats (Just Write!) offer structured writing and research time during the week over Zoom. During each Just Write! Sessions, you'll set a writing and/or research goal and commit to focused working time. You'll work independently (but alongside a virtual community of other writers) in twenty-five-minute chunks with five-minute breaks in between for two hours. Just Write! is flexible, as you can choose to participate in every session or only a few. To participate, register by noon of the preceding day. (There is no program fee.) 
  • Weekday/Weekend Retreats offer full days of writing and research time. They are designed to encourage participants to keep their projects active, even when they have significant weekday obligations. (No program fee)
  • Evening Retreats offer five evenings in a row of writing and research time. Evening retreats are open to all, but they are offered especially for individuals who work during the day and cannot participate in our daytime retreats. ($80 program fee)
  • One-week Retreats offer five full workdays of writing and research time. One-week retreats are open to everyone, and they are particularly effective for graduate students who are beginning new stages of their projects (e.g., drafting a new chapter.) We provide lunch on two of these days. ($80 program fee)
  • Two-week Retreats are our most intensive retreat experiences. These retreats offer 10 full days of writing and research over a two-week period. They also include extra support in the form of faculty mentors who help participants set goals, who provide feedback on drafts, and who answer research-related questions. (Must register by April 1st to be paired with a mentor.) Two-week retreats are designed to help participants make substantial progress toward completing their projects. They are open to everyone, but they were designed particularly to help individuals who are stalled, isolated, off-track, or nearing completion of their project. Lunch is provided on six of the ten days. ($125 program fee)

See the list of upcoming writing and research retreats below.

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Upcoming Writing and Research Retreats:

Micro retreats (Just Write!) Virtual retreats will be held via Zoom during the Spring Semester. If you are interested, please register by logging into the schedule. (There is no program fee.)

Writing & Research Retreats are (9 a.m.-4 p.m.). Virtual retreats will be held via Zoom during the Spring Semester. If you are interested, please register by logging into the schedule. (There is no program fee.)