The writing tutoring service provides support for students who are working on papers for classes, as well as cover letters, resumes, scholarship essays, creative writing, and any other texts students are working on. We also offer reading support, as reading in college often requires new strategies, and presentation support, for practicing and working on presentations. 

Tutors meet one-on-one with students and provide feedback on their drafts-in-progress, as well as advice about how to develop effective reading and writing processes and habits. In a typical tutoring session, the tutor will ask questions about the assignment, text, and/or draft, and together the tutor and the student will decide on a goal-oriented focus for the session. By the end of the session, you and the tutor will have identified a learning “takeaway” and next steps.

Writing Center tutoring is open to all currently enrolled Temple students, including undergraduate and graduate students.

We're happy to work with you on all types of writing and reading, in English or in Spanish. You can access tutoring in any of the ways discussed below.

Book same-day sessions up to 60 minutes beforehand, or as far ahead as 8 days in advance.

Zoom or In-Person Sessions

Face-to-face, interactive support

  •  Schedule online through our website
  •  Use the "Show All 'Appointment Focus' Options" drop-down menu to view available staff with your desired focus

E-Tutoring Sessions

Upload your draft; by the end of your appointment time, your paper will be returned with feedback

  •  Schedule online through our website
  •  Use the "Show All 'Appointment Focus' Options" drop-down menu to view available staff with your desired focus. Then look for a staff member with "E-tutoring" beneath their name.

What if the schedule is all booked up? 

While self-scheduled Zoom and E-tutoring sessions (45-50 mins long) can book up quickly, you have other options!  

  •  Add your name to the daily waiting list using our online schedule; we'll contact you if we have a last-minute opening
  •  Check out our online resources for self-guided support

Read-Ahead Tutoring

If your draft will be at least 15 pages at the time of your appointment, you may request a read-ahead session in which your tutor will review your work in advance of meeting with you.  

  •  Use this this form to request a read-ahead
  •  Make your request at least 8 days in advance, and offer as much availability as possible, for best results   

Questions? Contact Darla Himeles.