Our Student Success Center ambassadors are happy to visit classes, resource fairs, orientations, and other events to talk about our services. In particular, many instructors find it valuable to have an ambassador from the Student Success Center introduce the programs offered at our center and provide an overview of how our services work.

Presentations are about 20-30 minutes including time for questions, and they are delivered by experienced SSC student workers. We can give a general overview of all of our programs, or we can focus more narrowly on the particular service(s) that your audience would benefit from the most (e.g., writing tutoring, conversation partners, academic coaching, etc.). Please note that visits from SSC Ambassadors are designed to give students and other members of the Temple community an overview of our services; ambassadors do not provide foundational instruction on writing or any other class material, nor can they provide classwide tutoring.

To request a visit from an SSC ambassador, please fill out this form, and someone from the Student Success Center should get back to you within 1–3 business days. While we strive to accommodate every request, we cannot guarantee that an ambassador will be available. For best results, please try to make your request at least one week in advance. Requests with flexible dates and times are likelier to be fulfilled.

Questions? Email ssc@temple.edu.