Language Tutoring & Conversation Partner Program

The Language Tutoring & Conversation Partner program provides an opportunity for English language learners to practice speaking and listening in English. In a Conversation Partners session, students meet one-on-one with a Conversation Partner and have a conversation that allows them to practice English grammar and vocabulary, as well as to learn common cultural expressions and expectations. For more advanced students, Conversation Partners sessions can also be used to rehearse in-class presentations (see our Presentation Support page for more) and to prepare for interviews.

The Conversation Partners service is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Temple who identify as English Language Learners, as well as students enrolled in Access Temple and IELP.

How to use this service:

Make an appointment in advance

  • Log-in to our appointment system.
  • Use the "Show All 'Appointment Focus' Options" drop-down menu to indicate the appropriate focus for your session, and then select an available time slot. Conversation partners are listed under “Language Support” in the drop-down menu. Choose "Language Support - English" for an English session. (You will also see "Presentation Support - English" and "Reading Support - English".)
  • Appointments can be scheduled up to 8 days ahead of time.
  • We offer two appointment types: 2-block appointments (45-50 mins) and 1-block appointments (20-25 mins). In general, we recommend 2-block appointments when possible, but you can choose. All appointments must be booked in our appointment system at least 1 hour in advance.

What if the schedule is all booked up?

  •  Use the waiting list feature in our online schedule to get notified when we have an opening for a 45-50 min session.   

Language Tables

In Summer 1 '24, join us every Tuesday, 2:30 - 3:30pm, for English conversation table. Summer language tables meet in Charles 340, in the Student Success Center space on the 3rd floor. See the the Language Tables page for more information about our conversation tables. 


We host a series of multicultural events that celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity by offering opportunities for international students to engage with other Temple students who are interested in their language and culture.

These events are open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Temple University, as well as students enrolled in IELP and the Access Temple program.


Questions? Contact Kate White.